The Upper Reach Winery is a beautiful boutique vineyard in the Swan Valley.

Nestled at the bottom of the vineyard is a lovely corner of the Swan River. In this 360 VR, you can relax and watch the water flowing past as a couple of nearby cormorants sit on a branch and dry themselves in the sun. Sorry, did you just say “cormorants”? Yes, I was surprised to. Apparently, the water even this far up is still brackish so suitable for the cormorants.

As you relax, you can listen to the birds and insects surrounding you in spatial audio – so don’t forget to use your headphones to fully immerse yourself in the sound.

Location: Swan River, Upper Reach Winery, Baskerville, Western Australia.

Created by:

Nigel Miller

Nigel Miller

Videographer and SitAwhile360 founder