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Experiences in 360 VR video

Try something new, virtually! Maybe you feel like going sailing. Or maybe you’d like to make a quick tour of a vineyard. Alternatively, have you ever wondered what it would be like to attend a fashion shoot? Or maybe you’re a fan of Halloween and feel like a quick scare! 

On this page, you get to immerse yourself and try somewhere new – without the hassle of travelling anywhere!

🚀 Explore Mars Like Never Before: A 360° Rover's-Eye View.

Welcome to a groundbreaking journey across the Martian surface with our 360° video, showcasing the awe-inspiring achievements of NASA's Perseverance Rover.

This isn't just a video; it's a testament to human curiosity and scientific endeavour, allowing us to witness Mars as never before.

🌌 In this extraordinary experience, you'll traverse diverse Martian landscapes, an experience that brings the Red Planet's atmosphere right to your ears.


VIVID Sydney 2023

VIVID Sydney is one of the highlights of Sydney's yearly calendar. In the midst of winter, the city literally comes alight!

In this video, you can get a glimpse into the atmosphere it creates each year. In this video, you'll see the Opera House lit up, the Harbour Bridge installation and one of the temporary installations. And if you look back at the city, you'll see how the skyline lights up too. Enjoy.

Halloween portrait

ECHOES - Our Halloween Special!

Sometime, some of our SitAwhile experiences are not as relaxing as they should be!!!!



The Musical Clock

In this SitAwhile 360 video, you get to visit a shopping centre in Melbourne and experience a little bit of Australiana by watching the secrets this clock reveals every hour!

And in a true pantomime manner, "look behind you!" - you'll get a surprise!

What's that tower? It's a preserved piece of early settler history - the shot tower. This is where they climbed to the top to release droplets of lead from a height sufficient to allow the droplet to form a perfect spherical leadshot! Well worth a visit if you're in Melbourne at any time (get the pun?!)


Upper Reach Winery Tour

This beautiful boutique winery, Upper Reach, sits on the banks of the Swan river and is a delightful spot to come to enjoy sampling some incredible, award-winning Swan Valley wines.

In this 360 VR video, you can take a quick tour of the property, sit amongst the vines, under a huge tree and rest besides the Swan river where you can see a couple of cormorants drying themselves out on a nearby branch.

This is the perfect VR video experience for relaxing with a glass of Upper Reach wine in your hands!

Sailing portrait

Sailing Pittwater

Relax for a few minutes and enjoy the experience of sailing on a large yacht as we cruise Sydney's stunning Pittwater.

Don't worry, you won't get sea-sick as it's a beautiful calm day.

Snow Jewel portrait

Fashion Photo Shoot

In this SitAwhile360 "Experience" 360 VR video, you get to immerse yourself right into the middle of a photo shoot and join the crew as they photograph and video this fashion photography session.

Join SnowJewel jewellers Mark and Emma as they show off their lovely snow jewellery design pieces, modelled in this part of the day by their lovely daughter Olivia.

At the end of the session, you can watch the video I subsequently produced for SnowJewel (I'm the one behind the video camera) and then take a look around the photo gallery displaying the final images captured that day.






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