Water 360 VR videos

There’s something very calming about water. Whether it’s sitting besides a lake watching the reflections or admiring the beauty of a cascade, waterfall or tumbling rapids, there is nothing better than sitting awhile and watching how nature plays with water.

So, all you have to do is decide how you’d like your water experience to be today. Then just choose the SitAwhile 360 VR video view you fancy and immerse yourself in a delightful, watery experience!

Fishing on the wharf, Shoalhaven Heads, NSW, Australia

Fishing, Wharf, Shoalhaven Heads, NSW, Australia

"Mum, I'm going fishing!" I'm sure that was heard in a nearby home a few minutes before this video was recorded.

In this SitAwhile360 Water experience, you get to bathe in late afternoon summer light and join some young lads as they endeavour to feed their bait to the fish. Fortunately for the fish, there didn't seem to be much catching going on!

Sunset Sky, Bells Rapid, Upper Swan River, WA, Australia

Bells Rapid is a lovely corner of the Swan River in the Swan Valley.

In this SitAwhile 360 Water experience, you can sit on the river bank and watch the water bubbling over the nearby rapids whilst listening to the cockatoos and corellas as they get ready to settle down for the night. Watch as the light dims and colours intensify as darkness falls.

Swan River, Upper Reach Winery, Swan Valley, WA, Australia

The Upper Reach Winery is a beautiful boutique vineyard in the Swan Valley. Nestled at the bottom of the vineyard is a lovely corner of the Swan River. In this 360 VR, you can relax and watch the water flowing past as a couple of nearby cormorants sit on a branch and dry themselves in the sun.

As you relax, you can listen to the birds and insects surrounding you in spatial audio - so don't forget to use your headphones to fully immerse yourself in the sound.

Tuggerah Lake, Wyrrabalong National Park, Magenta, NSW, Australia

So, this is the view a cormorant had chosen to hang out in whilst he dried his wings. I thought, well, cormorants are experts at just hanging out so it mustn't be a bad spot. See what you think...


Sunrise, Mermaid Waters, Gold Coast, Qld, Australia

Ducks, black swan, seagulls. Mornings in Mermaid Waters are a cacophany of sounds.

Enjoy a gentle sunrise whilst sitting awhile on a private dock in one of the canals of Mermaid Waters.

Just watch out for the seagull attempting to land on your head towards the end!

Marvin Top Falls 1920px

Somersby Top Falls, Somersby, Central Coast, NSW, Australia

Sit awhile & enjoy listening to the water cascading down the top falls.

In this SitAwhile360 "water" experience, you get to bathe in the dappled light of the surrounding trees and listen to the cascading waters as they tumble over the top falls of Somersby Falls.

This is a perfect meditation video with the water acting as nature's white noise to help you focus. But don't forget to look around and enjoy the location. The video features spatial audio so is best enjoyed with headphones. It's also stereoscopic if you have a VR headset.

Somersby Falls is located in Brisbane Water National Park near Gosford, 1 hour north of Sydney and 1 hr 15 min south of Newcastle. These top falls are only a short walk down a bush trail consisting mainly of steps.

Somersby Bottom Falls #1

The Bottom Falls are a few hundred metres further down the trail from the top falls but with more challenging steps and paths to negotiate. It's definitely worth the effort though as fewer people make it down there.

Somersby Bottom Falls #2

This is an alternative viewpoint of the bottom falls. In this video, you are nearer to the falls and high up on a rock. Enjoy.


Tuggerah Lake Sunset #1, Parts 1 & 2, Canton Beach, Central Coast, NSW, Australia

We had to walk through a lot of mud to get to this lovely little spot away from the roads. It was worth it!

The Entrance Sunset 1000px

Tuggerah Lake Sunset #2, The Entrance, Central Coast, NSW, Australia

Just a short walk along the foreground of the lake, you'll find a little niche where you can sit quietly (except for the odd hoon car exhaust) and watch the sun setting over the lake.






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