It all started here...

SitAwhile Forever is a business on a mission.

The mission is to help people capture their personal histories – their beliefs, values and experiences. But that’s only part of the mission. The bigger mission is to help build more resilient families through the power of video stories. Why? Because families who understand where they come from, who have a sense of belonging, are more resilient families. So, if you’re concerned about the robustness and resilience of your children, your grandchildren and the generations to come, you owe it to them to share your stories!

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Originally, SitAwhile FOREVER was just a part of the production offering here on https://sitawhile360.com but its momentum built so fast we decided to make it its own business entity. So now, SitAwhile FOREVER is the sister site to SitAwhile360.com. Long may they both flourish!

This service offers a deeply personal and engaging way to remember and celebrate lives, ensuring the essence of the individual is forever accessible and relivable.

A Gift of Presence: Your Legacy in Immersive 3D

Why settle for traditional means of preserving memories when you can give your family the gift of presence and immersion? With SitAwhile Forever’s 360 3D video service, you’re not just sharing stories; you’re offering an experience so lifelike, it’s as though time and space have been bridged. Whether for your children, grandchildren, or generations yet to meet you, your SitAwhile Forever video is a timeless treasure, a moment captured for eternity.