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360 Video Production

At SitAwhile360, we are experts in 360 video content production and are currently developing a series of apps and managed solutions targeted at the Aged Care and Disability sectors. 

We are also working with corporates on 360 induction, recruitment and training solutions.

 Listed below are some of the solutions we can offer to help your business integrate 360 VR video into your communication mix…

Aged Care Customised 360 VR app and Managed Solutions

Australian university research has shown that VR technology has the potential to enhance the well-being of older adults in aged care settings. These studies have demonstrated that VR can be used to improve cognitive function, reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, and improve physical function in older adults. But how do you implement VR into a wellbeing program within the Aged Care sector?

That’s where the team at SitAwhile360 can help. We can offer the following:

– Technical and purchasing advice on VR equipment, including infection control approved headset solutions that are easily cleanable between uses;

– Remote management of VR devices, content deployment, and control of what users can see and do in the headsets;

– Training for your in-house staff on how to run VR sessions, with a focus on safety, user comfort, headset management and cleaning;

– A custom branded SitAwhile 360 app containing a number of our SitAwhile360 experiences for residents to enjoy and to help reduce their anxiety and depression;

– Preloaded commercial apps to entertain and help safely improve residents’ physical and cognitive function – apps include fun 3D cognitive tests, VR fishing, and VR painting.

– If you don’t want to invest in VR equipment and train your own staff, we are currently looking at building a small “VR team”, armed with headsets, to run sessions in aged care facilities. This initial offering will only be available in NSW but do talk to us about your requirements even if you are outside the state. 

Contact us below to find out more…

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Commission a SitAwhile 360 experience

Do you manage a tourist location that you’d love featured on SitAwhile360 and embedded into your own website? Maybe you offer an amazing tourist experience such as whale watching, jet boating or something relaxing such as a yoga retreat. If so, talk to us about how you can commission SitAwhile experiences for both your own marketing purposes and to feature on the SitAwhile 360 website (assuming the fit is good!)

Custom Branded SitAwhile videos

Are you looking for ways to help your employees de-stress and refocus during their work day? 

If so, why not set up a corner of the office with a few VR headsets and comfy swivel-chairs where your team can escape for 5 minutes whilst watching a company-branded SitAwhile experience? 

All you need to do is provide us with your company logo as an eps or Photoshop file, a strap-line to use and we’ll do the rest. If it’s for external use, we’ll add your web address too. 

Just let us know what VR headsets you’ll be using and we’ll send you back a customised VR video file you can load directly in. 

We can produce VR files that feature either a single customised 5 to 10 minute experience or an edited montage of a range of SitAwhile experiences either from a single category or as a montage from each. Your choice…

A customised SitAwhile360 video is also a great offering to include on exhibition stands to encourage visitors to your stand to “relax” and escape the stresses of the event. After chilling out for a few minutes, they’ll then be refreshed and primed to hear your offering!

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360 video consultation

Are you a fan of the 360 video format but don’t know where to start in regards to commissioning a 360 project to benefit your business?

If so, we’re here to help. As video storytellers and 360 video experts, we can help you identify where 360 video can really boost your business messaging and how to implement a 360 project successfully and cost-effectively. 

Just contact us below and we’ll arrange a time to start the conversation…

Commission your own 360 video/tour

How are you attracting new recruits? How are you inducting new employees into your business? Are there sites you’d like to take customers/clients to but they’re too remote? Maybe you just want to give people a tour of your factory but health and safety makes that impractical. Maybe you want your new employees to meet your CEO in her office for a welcome briefing but she’s never available. How do you immerse people into your business

That’s where 360 video can really help. The interactive and immersive nature of 360 video is far more powerful than conventional video – and more fun and memorable. It’s also good for your brand as it will help you to demonstrate that your company is progressive in its communications.

We’ve produced a number of 360 video projects for clients including Nestlé, Westpac, EY and the New South Wales Government, amongst others. Talk to us about ways that 360 video can help your business stand out from the crowd. 

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Add a 360 virtual tour to your website

We’ve all seen 360 still image tours. But did you know you can introduce video elements into a 360 tour? In fact, 360 virtual tours can include far more than just stitched together static 360 images. They can include pop-up information panels, product shots, pop-up videos and even live web pages. Basically, they can be a powerfully interactive asset within your website. 

To whet your imagination, take a look at the Nestlé Chocolatory tour we produced awhile back and then talk to us about how we can help your business increase engagement and conversion on your website.

360 live streaming

Did you know that Marvin, our 360 camera, can also be used to live stream 360 video directly to Facebook and other social platforms?

So if you’re organising a concert or event that you’d like people to experience beyond the venue in a way that will help them feel as if they’re actually there, then this might be the solution for you.

Contact us to find out more…

360 VR Stats & Trends

Google, Facebook, Apple, Sony, Microsoft are all trying to dominate the VR/AR space and capture a major slice of this growing market. 



Market growth has been driven by the expansion of VR devices in India and China. The market is projected to grow 27.9% between 2020 and 2025.

(Markets and Markets)

How immersion can help you sell your business:

In Germany, 50% of people surveyed would use VR to choose their holiday destination if it were free

According to VR learning statistics, 68% of teachers want to use this tech to enrich their courses and provide better educational materials. On top of that, 72% of them want to use VR simulations to reproduce real-life experiences related to the course.

There are around 171 million VR users across the world. Out of 171 million VR users, around 16 million people use virtual reality for gaming. How many VR headsets are expected to be sold in 2022? The forecast suggests around 14.19 million VR units will be sold in 2022.

Here are the adoption rates of industries that use VR the most:

  • The gaming industry – 61%
  • Healthcare industry – 41%
  • Education industry – 41%
  • Manufacturing industry (including automotive sector) – 23%
  • The entertainment industry (movie and television) – 21%
  • Workforce – 20%
  • Marketing and advertising industry – 16%

Research conducted by PwC UK concluded that the potential influence of VR/AR could provide a major boost to the global economy. 

Virtual reality training can help mitigate high-risk workplace dangersand enhance employees’ competencies. It also enhances retention.

39% of larger companies use VR to train their employees in a simulated environment and the retention rates are 75% as opposed to 10% of those who receive traditional training.

(Chaos Theory Games)


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