Ocean 360 VR videos

In this series of “Ocean” themed 360 VR videos, you can watch sunrises and sunsets over the ocean. Listen to waves crashing on the beach or over rocks and choose whether to view the ocean from the cliff tops, lookouts, or on the beach itself…

…you’ll almost feel as if you can touch the waves, or bury your toes in the sand as you look around and enjoy the sounds of the sea. Most of the videos contain spatial audio so don’t forget to look around. However, if it was too windy on the recording days, you’ll instead get to enjoy the relaxing tones of the meditation music.

So, your task now is to choose which of these SitAwhile Ocean 360 VR videos to visit today to relax, unwind or just meditate.

Once you’ve immersed yourself in these Ocean 360 VR videos, you’ll swear you can smell the sea air!

City Beach Sunset, Perth, WA, Australia

Relax and meditate as you watch the sun setting into the ocean, 𝗖𝗶𝘁𝘆 𝗕𝗲𝗮𝗰𝗵, Perth, WA.

As an east coast resident, seeing the sun sink into the ocean isn't something we get to do. Sunrises, no problem. Sunsets, not possible. So, if you live on the east coast of anywhere, enjoy this video!

It's accompanied by meditation music as the wind was too strong for the ambisonic audio to be worth using.

Magenta Beach Sunrise, Central Coast, NSW, Australia

If you're looking for the ultimate meditation 360 video, you'll be hard pressed to improve on this!

Sit alone on a beautiful sandy secluded beach and enjoy a stunning sunrise on the horizon as you absorb the amazing sound of waves gently crashing onto the beach immediately in front of you.

If you need a quick escape from your busy world, this is the video for you.

Bateau Bay Beach

Filmed on the lovely Bateau Bay beach, Bateau Bay, Central Coast, NSW, Australia, you can see the wooded walk up to Crackneck Lookout behind you and to the right.

Enjoy the winter light....

Deadmans Beach, waves crashing on rocks

If you have a fear of getting wet or being swept out to sea by a wave, then this video probably isn't for you.

In this 360 video, you can watch the sea swell coming over the distant rocks and then the waves coming closer and closer and making their way through the nearby rock fissure.

It's a beautiful sight to watch the power of nature but maybe not our best video for relaxing and meditating! You decide!

Frazers Beach, Sunrise

Sit alone on this beautiful sandy beach and watch the large waves breaking and lapping just in front of you. As the sun rises, notice how a lovely mist appears just above the waves. Enjoy the company of the seagulls as they fly around you and then rest nearby.

This is the perfect SitAwhile360 Ocean experience for just sitting and enjoying the beachside environment and solitude or for meditating as the sun rises as you notice the colours changing and the day bursting forth.


Pelican Point #01, Soldiers Beach, Norah Head, NSW, Australia

There's something mesmerizing about watching waves pound over rocks as they gradually submerge them under the rising tide.

There's no better place to see this than at Pelican Point, a rocky outcrop on the corners of Soldiers Beach, Norah Head and Pelican Beach, Magenta, NSW.

In this video, the waves are pounding all around but not many are making it over. But when they do, the water makes it across the rocks and into little channels all around, and eventually into the rock pool immediately next to you.

Maslin Beach Clifftops, Maslin, SA, Australia

Located 42km south of Adelaide on the Fleurieu Peninsula, this is one of the loviest beaches in South Australia.

Known to locals as "Maslins", it has the distinction of being Australia's first beach to have dedicated nudist areas. The Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games are held here annually.

This is also a great spot for birdwatching. Watchout for the crackle of Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoos that fly over towards the end of this experience. And check out the Osprey shot below that I captured on an earlier visit.

Magenta Beach Lookout, Central Coast, NSW, Australia

This is my favourite place to come to sit awhile to watch the waves and to look for dolphins and whales jumping out to sea. It's also teeming with birdlife - and the occasional snake!

It's a very secluded spot but popular with the locals so you'll often bump into neighbours from the Pullman Magenta Shores estate or say hello to hikers walkng the Wyrrabalong National Park path that runs through the trees nearby.

Pelican Point #02, Soldiers Beach, Norah Head, NSW, Australia

You're surrounded - nearly! Here at Pelican Point you can watch waves coming towards you on 3 sides.

This was the second viewpoint I recorded at Pelican Point, the rocky outcrop on the corner between Soldiers Beach, Norah Head and Pelican Beach, Magenta, NSW, Australia. This time, you'll find yourself in a slightly better position to watch the waves rolling into Soldiers Beach. Normally, this bay is filled with surfers but the waves were too messy on this particular day.

But don't forget to look behind you as you never know what the waves are up to on the Pelican Beach side.






Sit With...

Living in Magenta

This is a little video montage I put together of the beach I have the pleasure of overlooking from my home: Magenta/Pelican’s Beach, NSW.  It’s a beautiful place to live but maybe not the safest beach to swim at – the rips are always keen to take you off on an unscheduled trip to New Zealand! 

Ocean gallery

Beach walk snaps

Whales off Magenta

In the autumn and spring, the whales pass just offshore on their trips to and fro between Antarctica and the warmer waters north. This is a little video I cut together after watching the whales from my favourite nearby lookout (watch the “Magenta Beach Lookout” 360 to appreciate the location).