Nature 360 VR videos

Sit amongst trees, listen to the sound of the surrounding birds and insects, the rustling of leaves in the breeze, watch fruit bats at sunset heading off for their nightly sojourn, relax in amongst the ferns…

…come and just sit awhile with nature!

Fruit bats at sunset

In many areas of Australia, dusk triggers the incredible sight of fruit bats waking up and flying off to find their night time feed.

This SitAwhile360 was recorded at Centennial Park in Sydney. The sounds are amazing but maybe not the most relaxing!


The Kookaburra hideout

When I arrived at this spot, there were four kookaburras screaming at each other. One was flying in and out of a hole in the nearby tree. As soon as the camera was set, they went silent. Still, it's a lovely spot to hang out in and SitAwhile.

Brisbane Waters National Park

Chill out amongst the trees, listen to tumbling water and get mesmerised by the cascade as you sit high on a rock next to the Bottom Falls of Somersby Falls, situated on the edge of Brisbane Waters National Park, just outside Gosford, Central Coast and about an hour from Sydney.


The Lillypilly Loop

The Lillypilly Loop starts is a short trail that gives you an insight into the range of flora contained within the Wyrrabalong National Park. It's a relatively easy walk and much loved by local joggers.

Palms Circuit 02 1100px

There should be dinosaurs here!

This location, the Palms Circuit track in the Munmorah Conservation area, almost feels like there should be dinosaurs running around!

As you watch, imagine yourself being revived by the cool forest air as you look around at the surrounding lush vegetation with shafts of sunlight streaming through the palm fronds.

For some reason, the birds are very quiet in this recording - maybe they were hiding from whatever was lurking nearby! (see 01:50 mark!)

Palms Circuit 01 1100px

What's it like to sit in an Australian temperate rainforest?

Flies buzzing around your head, butterflies flying by, a beautiful yellow wildflower growing behind you, strange cracking sounds somewhere nearby, prehistoric-looking palm ferns catching the dappled sunlight - welcome to the wonders of an Australian temperate rainforest!

This is the second location recorded on a walk around the Palm Circuit track in Munmorah Conservation Area, Central Coast, NSW.






Sit With...

The birds of Magenta

This Southern Boobook owl used to frequent the trees in my garden (until the neighbour’s gardeners accidentally cut them down – long story!!!).

It was always easy to know when he’d arrived as the other bird residents would go nuts in protest. I’d often sit in my hammock and watch him as he desperately tried to sleep whilst the other birds shouted at him!

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