somersby TOP falls

In this SitAwhile360 “water” experience, you get to bathe in the dappled light of the surrounding trees and listen to the cascading waters as they tumble over the top falls of Somersby Falls.

This is a perfect meditation video with the water acting as nature’s white noise to help you focus. But don’t forget to look around and enjoy the location.

These top falls are only a short walk down a bush trail consisting mainly of steps. The Bottom Falls are a few hundred metres further down the trail but with more challenging steps and paths to negotiate. It’s definitely worth the effort though as fewer people make it down there. 

Somersby Falls is located in Brisbane Water National Park near Gosford, 1 hour north of Sydney and 1 hr 15 min south of Newcastle.

This video features spatial audio so is best enjoyed with headphones. It’s also stereoscopic if you have a VR headset.


A special “thank you” to Jennifer Ryan for suggesting this location.

Location: Somersby Falls, Brisbane Waters National Park, Central Coast, NSW, Australia

Created by:

Nigel Miller

Nigel Miller

Videographer and SitAwhile360 founder