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SitAwhile With... 360 VR videos

I’ve spent much of my professional life capturing video interviews and have always absolutely loved learning about new things and hearing about people’s experiences.

But usually, I’m the invisible interviewer behind the camera. So, for me, a 360 VR interview is a new challenge. I can no longer hide behind the camera. In fact, now, you, the viewer, are the camera! That means, when you watch these interviews, you are totally immersed in the location. It’s as if you are there with us. I hope you enjoy the experience!

The intention with this section of the website is to capture a wide range of immersive conversations: celebrity chats, conversations with entrepreneurs or just chats with ordinary people who have had extraordinary experiences. Suggestions gratefully received!

But to start us off, here’s a conversation I recorded with the delightful owner of a beautiful boutique winery in the Swan Valley, Western Australia. I hope you enjoy this immersive experience…

Laura Pearse, co-owner Upper Reach Winery, WA.

In this SitAwhile with... 360 VR video, you get to immerse yourself into the world of wine. Specifically, you get to meet the co-owner of Upper Reach, Laura Pearse. Upper Reach is a beautiful boutique Swan Valley winery and, in this immersive 360 VR video, you get to join us in the cellar door and hear the story of the winery and their amazing hand-crafted wines. You'll also get a chance to look around the winery along the way!






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Would you like to "SitAwhile and have a chat" in immersive 360 VR video?

If you are Australian-based, are well known or have a uniquely interesting story to tell, then let's capture it and share it as an immersive 360 VR experience to feature on this website (and your own). If you're interested in having a chat, please don't hesitate to contact us.