This view, from McMahons Point, is probably one of the most iconic views of Sydney – looking over the open water across to the Harbour Bridge with the Opera House framed between the spans.

It’s also a view that I very nearly achieved as the view from my home. When I first moved to Sydney, over two decades ago, I wanted to be able to wake up every day and appreciate that I was living somewhere special. I applied for, and was accepted, for a rental in the unit block just behind this wharf.

Just as I was about to move in, the owner decided instead to give it to his daughter. I was disappointed but the rental agent felt so bad they gave me the first right of refusal on the next great “view” property that came up. That ended up being a unit on the water directly opposite the Opera House – sometimes, life’s twists and turns just work out!

What’s so lovely about this view is how peaceful it is considering its proximity to the city. So, SitAwhile and enjoy the sights and sounds of this stereoscopic 360 VR video with ambisonic audio. You’ll begin to understand why the locals love this place so much!

Location: McMahons Point, Sydney, NSW

Created by:

Nigel Miller

Nigel Miller

Videographer and SitAwhile360 founder