In this SitAwhile 360 VR video, you get to re-energise under the amazing cabbage tree palms and listen to the nearby babbling brook.

This location, the Palms Circuit track in the Munmorah Conservation area, almost feels like there should be dinosaurs running around!

In fact, something is lurking nearby – check out around the 1:50 mark! I haven’t spotted what it is yet! but it made me jump when I first reviewed this video!

This SitAwhile 360 Nature experience is the perfect way to re-energise as you sit under a canopy of amazing cabbage tree palms on this meandering, short loop through the temperate rainforest of the Munmorah State Conservation Area on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia.

As you watch, imagine yourself being revived by the cool forest air as you look around at the surrounding lush vegetation with shafts of sunlight streaming through the palm fronds.

For some reason, the birds are very quiet in this recording – maybe they were hiding from whatever was lurking nearby!

Regardless, make sure you put your headphones on to truly immerse yourself in this pre-historic environment as you listen to the nearby babbling brook.


Location: The Palms Circuit Track, Munmorah State Conservation Area, Central Coast, NSW, Australia.

Created by:

Nigel Miller

Nigel Miller

Videographer and SitAwhile360 founder