Kookaburra hideout

In this Sitawhile360 video, you get to chill out among the red gums of Wyrrabalong National Park and just SitAwhile in beautiful nature.

I originally stopped here as a riot of Kookaburras was creating an amazing din – perfect for a spatial audio recording, I thought. I also spotted a hole in the nearby tree that a couple of birds were flying into to obviously feed their chick.

And, of course, the second I set the 360 camera up, the birds went quiet. I waited for quite a while but they remained silent – I wish I could say the same for the light aircraft that seem to continually buzz around the area on the weekends!

Still, I hope the other birdsongs are enough for you to enjoy relaxing for a few minutes in this beautiful spot within Wyrrabalong National Park, Magenta on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia.

I promise to persist in my attempts to capture the sounds of the kookaburras as, if you’ve never heard them, they are one of the most iconic and amusing sounds of Australia!

Location: Red Gum Trail, Wyrrabalong National Park, Magenta, NSW, Australia

Created by:

Nigel Miller

Nigel Miller

Videographer and SitAwhile360 founder