In this SitAwhile360 “Experience” 360 VR video, you get to immerse yourself right into the middle of a photo shoot and join the crew as they photograph and video this fashion photography session.

Join SnowJewel jewellers, Mark and Emma, as they show off their lovely snow jewellery design pieces, modelled in this part of the day by their gorgeous daughter Olivia.

At the end of the session, you can watch the video I subsequently produced for SnowJewel (I’m the old geezer behind the video camera) and afer watching the video, you can take a look around the photo gallery displaying the final images captured that day.

For me, this shows how 360 VR is great for immersing you in an experience and also displaying traditional media formats in a compelling way. I’d love to know what you think.

As always, this stereoscopic VR video is best viewed in a VR headset but, if you don’t have access to one, make sure you set the video to full screen, select the highest bandwidth available and put on headphones to enjoy the spatial audio.

Have fun!

Location: SnowJewel Photo Shoot, Ducker & Ducker Studios, Alexandria, NSW, Australia.

Created by:

Nigel Miller

Nigel Miller

Videographer and SitAwhile360 founder