Echoes - our horror special

My nearly-ten year old daughter LOVES Halloween. As an Englishman, it wasn’t something that featured in my childhood although I would no doubt have appreciated an opportunity to gather a year’s worth of sweets in one night, had we had the chance!

Anyway, this Halloween, I thought it would be fun for my daughter and her friend to get involved in making a little Halloween “horror” 360 VR video. After all, it’s the perfect medium for creating a little scare!

So, we headed off to our local woods, a few props in hand, and this is the result. 

Well done to Piper F for providing the haunting sound effects and to my daughter Tess and dog Holly for providing the running footsteps and panting sounds!

This is another 360 VR video where you have to remember to follow the sounds and definitely be aware of what’s behind you!!!

Location: Somewhere spooky, Magenta, NSW, Australia.

Created by:

Nigel Miller

Nigel Miller

Videographer and SitAwhile360 founder